project investor level place year
Reconstrucion and addition on FSV UK campus /Fakulta sociálních věd OK /schematic design
execution documents
/Jinonice, Prague 5 /2020

INT 36

Another part of project of renewal and enlargment of an existing Charles University Campus in Jinonice, Prague 5. This design covers the reconstruction of an existing house from early 90s, as well as the new building of the library. The aim is to provide more space for the education itself and also to bring some modern and attractive public space into the whole area. The study covers classic classrooms, bigger seminary rooms, large halls for more than 200 students together with all other rooms e.g. offices, caffés, cloakrooms etc. The design was made in cooperation with the studio of David Vávra.

Ouholická - prefab house flat /soukromá osoba /schematic design
/Ouholická, Prague 8 - Čimicice /2019

INT 35

Simplified design of a 4 bedroom flat in 80s prefab house in Prague 8. The job was mainly to organize the flat new way, as well as designing a new concept of lights.

POP Outlet Stores /Kaprain a.s. /schematic design
execution documents
architects supervision
/POP Outlet Prague, Tuchoměřice /2018

INT 34

Interior of two luxury wear shops. Completed in 2019.

AEROROOMS - airport accomodation /Letiště Praha a.s. /schematic design
documents for building permit
/Václav Havel Airport, Praha, Ruzyně /2018

INT 33

Renewal of an existing passanger accomodation capacities right inside an airport terminal.

Students rooms ZEITRAUM, entrance /Hyperion Property /schematic design
documents for building permit
execution documents
architects supervision
/U Průhonu 56, Prague 7 - Holešovice /2018

INT 32

New layout and redesign of the entry hall in private student apartment house. Moreover, we design new apartments in the attic and entry floor.

Family House in Vinohrady /- /schematic design
documents for building permit
architects supervision
/Na Kleovce, Prague 2 - Vinohrady /2013

INT 31

Morocan Embassy - bathrooms /Diplomatický servis /schematic design
tender documents
/Slunna, Prague 6 /2012

INT 30

Lavatory and bathroom redesign

Family House in Zbraslav Interior /- /schematic design /Zbraslav, Prague /2012

INT 29

EGON BC - Office interior /Favea Europe /schematic design /Kischova 5, Praha 4 - Pankrac /2011

INT 28

EGON BC - Doctors office /Gymuno /schematic design
architects supervision
/Kischova 5, Praha 4 - Pankrac /2011

INT 27

EGON BC - Dentist office /Prodental /schematic design
architects supervision
/Kischova 5, Praha 4 - Pankrac /2011

INT 26

OVB Allfinanz offices /OVB Allfinanz a.s. /schematic design /Baarova, Prague 4 - Michle /2011

INT 25

Office space redesign

Attic concepcion /- /investment aim
/Loretanske namesti, Prague 1 /2011

INT 24

New concept of an attic in historical buiding in the centre of Prague

Comtesys offices /Comtesys s.r.o. /schematic design
documents for building permit
execution documents
project execution
/Pod Pramenem, Prague 4 - Nusle /2010

INT 23

Complete renewal of a late 20th century building

Aviators learning centre /Řízení letového provozu /schematic design /Ruzyne, Prague 6 /2010

INT 22

Interior design as a part of object reconstruction

Family House in Podoli Interior /- /schematic design
architects supervision
/Krcska, Prague 4 - Podoli /2010

INT 21

Conference Hall in Benesov /Institut pro veřejnou správu /schematic design /Benesov u Prahy, Central Bohemia /2010

INT 20

Complex reconstruction and interior design of a older conference hall.

Apartment interior in Karlin /- /schematic design /Cornlofts, Prague 8 - Karlín /2009

INT 19

Apartment interior in Prague 9 /- /schematic design /Prague 9 /2009

INT 18

Café Jasmo /- /schematic design /- /2009

INT 17

Interior of a café in Kaufland shopping centre

Apartment interior in Prague /- /schematic design /Prague /2008

INT 16

Modranska Potrubni Offices /Modřanská Potrubní a.s. /schematic design /Komoranska 63, Prague 12 - Modrany /2008

INT 15

René Olivier Hairstyle Studio /- /schematic design
architects supervision
/Janovskeho 17, Prague 7 - Holesovice /2008

INT 14

Café 8 /- /schematic design
architects supervision
/Hermanova 23, Prague 7 - Holesovice /2006

INT 13

Offices for Municipality of Prague /MHMP /schematic design
/Jungmannova - Charvatova, Prague 1 /2006

INT 12

Vikarka Restaurant /Euroresta s.r.o. /schematic design
/Prague Castle /2005

INT 11

Apartment in a panel building /- /schematic design
/- /2005

INT 10

Hotel Praha Inn /Medfood s.r.o. /schematic design
documents for building permit
architects supervision
/Venceslav square, Prague 1 - New Town /2005

INT 09

Interior of a hotel and restaurant

Moskevska Centre /Techniserv s.r.o. /schematic design
architects supervision
/Moskevska 86, Prague 10 - Vrsovice /2003

INT 08

Interior of a late 20th century office building

OCÉ Office Building /OCÉ /schematic design
/Hanusova, Prague 4 /2001

INT 07

Office building interior design

Juniero offices /Juniero /schematic design
/Senovazne namesti, Prague 1 - New Town /2000

INT 06

Mc Donalds /Mc Donalds /schematic design
architects supervision
/Ceske Budejovice
/Plzen - Americka St.
/Praha - Florenc

INT 05

Interior of several fastfood restaurants

Ambassador residence in Lithuania /Ministerstvo zahraničí ČR /schematic design
architects supervision
/Vilnius, Lithuania /1999

INT 04

Czech Alliance Offices /Česká Aliance /schematic design
/Omladinaru, Prahue 1 - New Town /1999

INT 03

Sakura Foundation /Sakura /schematic design /Prague 7 - Letna /1998

INT 02

Incoma offices /Incoma /schematic design
/Prague 2 - Vinohrady /1998

INT 01