As APRIS 3MP we stand from 1991, when the studio was established by Miroslava Tylsova. Since 2004 we work as a Ltd. company. We make desings for all levels of projects for a wide range of purposes. Due to very close cooperation with specialists and wide proffessional cover of the studio a complex attitude is guarranteed from investment aim to a building implementation. Besides the project works we manage a complete construction of your developement aims. We also assess an energetic performance of buildings and make projects for the "Green Savings" Programme (our employees are authorized specialists on the field of energetic performance). Further on, we provide an assessment of daylight conditions. At least, we provide renderings and other graphic applications for presenting and marketing.

Studio managers are auhorized architects and engineers of CKA and CKAIT. Company is insured up to 20 mil CZK and is marked in commercial register, section C, inlay 102676.

architecture, design, projects
- investment aims hublot big bang king replica
- urban planning, regulative plans
- anrgitectural and land-use studies
- planning permit documents
- building permit documents
- building execution documents
- architects and technical supervision
- static surveys

building execution and implementation
- building execution and construction management
- technical supervision
- investment cost lists and schedules

renderings, graphic aplications
"Green Savings" Programme projects
energetic performance assessments
daylight conditions studies